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Now you can identify, analyze and navigate behavioral change within your organization. Transform the way you manage human risks with Praxis Navigator.


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By participating, you can:

  • Improve your security operations and better manage human risks
  • Transform your existing Microsoft 365 data into human-readable information
  • View human behaviors in one place
  • Gain insight into current and ongoing employee behaviors
  • Uncover the underlying reasons for problematic behaviors
  • Get tailored recommendations based on extensive research and your own data

Meaningful data visualization

Like a terrain model, Praxis offers a unique visual of your data, designed to make it easy for you to understand what's happening across your security landscape from a human perspective. 

Identify relevant human behaviors, both problematic and positive, and uncover their causes with ease. From high-level overviews to detailed insights, Praxis Navigator provides you with the clarity you need.

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Actionable insights and recommendations

Even when you have access to relevant information, choosing the right actions can be challenging. Praxis simplifies this by helping you identify plausible causes and providing actionable recommendations across the People, Process, and Technology framework.

Praxis Navigator Recommendations utilize the latest academic research to suggest interventions for your security team. Fueled by insights derived from your organization's data, the recommendations generated are relevant and effective.

Leverage your existing data sources

Created by world-renowned experts in cybersecurity and human behaviors, the Praxis analytics engine transforms your existing Microsoft 365 data into human-readable insights. We make sense of your data, helping you to understand human behaviors within your existing data.

By leveraging your existing Microsoft environment, Praxis Navigator is able to provide actionable recommendations tailored to your organization.


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Who is eligible and what is involved?

We have a limited availability of places on the beta program, so apply now to secure your spot. 

All beta applicants will be screened to ensure they meet our eligibility criteria.

Applicants may be placed on a waiting list to ensure we can meet expectations of demand.

Beta customers will be expected to dedicate upwards of 3 hours per quarter, in order to:  

  • Test the product and give feedback
  • Join regular focus groups 
  • Participate in occasional indepth interviews
  • Commit to a case study, joint marketing collateral / video story etc
  • Propose features and product enhancements

Clear visibility and insight across the People, Process and Technology

Praxis Navigator visualizations empower your security team to quickly identify behaviors and employees who exhibit those behaviors over time.

The model's interactive design provides a comprehensive understanding of what's happening. We'll help you make sense of your existing data and identify potential concerns within the organization.


Leverage your existing technology stack

Utilizing a Microsoft environment, you already collect large amounts of data that can be difficult to review and make sense of. This data includes traces of human behaviors that can be identified and correctly interpreted, if using the right tools.

The Praxis Navigator analytics engine provides a visual tool that makes it easy to identify where and why human behaviors may be a concern in your organization. 


Effortless reporting with easy to implement next steps

From high-level overviews to detailed information, the Praxis Navigator composes the reports you need to make informed decisions. These reports facilitate communication across departments and functions, aiding in crucial security posture improvement. They're also invaluable for management and board of directors' reporting and record-keeping.

A new perspective

The Praxis Navigator provides a new perspective on human behavior data, helping you to understand the behaviors and identify their causes within your organization.

Praxis Navigator provides a fresh perspective on understanding human behaviors and their underlying causes within your organization.

Our terrain model style visualizations offer a quick and efficient way to gain these insights, allowing your security team to better protect your business. 

Our analytics engine combines world-class expertise with the latest academic research and insights derived from your organization's data to ensure the recommended actions are relevant and effective.

Advice and insights from our transformative recommendation span the People, Process, and Technology framework, ensuring holistic and effective interventions.

✅  Leverage your existing Microsoft 365 environment

✅  Improve understanding with visually appealing data-driven analysis

✅  Gain insight into current and ongoing employee behavior and other human factors

✅  Uncover the underlying reasons for the behaviors

✅  Get recommended actions to manage human risk, based on research

✅  Works with existing data sources. Does not require any additional data collection

✅  Capture historical data from MS Defender

✅  Microsoft E5 integration with MS Phishing Simulator 

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