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Optimize your cyber-resilience through effective human risk management

Humans are at the core of your cybersecurity strategy:
your behavioral data should be too.

Use Praxis Navigator to: 

  • measure, develop and constantly improve security culture across your entire organization.
  • mitigate against the exploitation and manipulation of humans to circumvent your technological cyber security measures
  • communicate the business impact of risk, security and resilience to the business side of your organization

95% of cyber incidents can be traced to human error.


Social engineering introduces a new world of security challenges. 


A new approach is essential, to improve security behaviors through technology, policies and education, automatically. 






Praxis Navigator


Praxis Navigator: your end-to-end Human Risk Management solution

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Praxis Navigator comprises an analytics engine, a visualization engine and a recommendations engine. It operates on behavior-related data, extracted via API from all your existing siloes: MS Defender, Office 365, incident report, phishing, spam.

Praxis Navigator applies unique modeling techniques to those data to identify connections, behaviors and associated potential security risks. You are rewarded with visualizations that enable you to understand everything about the human aspects of your current cyber security posture.

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Praxis Navigator calculates the financial benefits and ROI of following the recommended courses of action, helping the business side of organizations to understand the impact of risk, security and resilience.

Always based on cutting-edge research and best practices, Praxis Navigator interprets your results to deliver recommendations and mitigation plans specific to your organization and context.

There is no generic “best practice” advice or suggestions.

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Through shared goals and reporting, enjoy better communication, cooperation and understanding between different departments and functions, resulting in crucial security posture improvement.

Connecting with your data

Yes, we integrate with your data

Historically, siloed data has been one of the biggest obstacles to addressing security culture and human-related cyber security risks. Praxis uses API-based integrations to many key data stores in common use, reducing the time to access all relevant data from weeks to mere hours.

E5 365
Microsoft Azure
Praxis Navigator

Ready to optimize your cyber-resilience through effective human risk management?


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Its always good to talk. Meet us in person at these upcoming events:

Director of research Thea Mannix will be presenting on the psychology of deepfake at Sikkerhetsfestivalen 2024 in Lillehammer 26th-28th August.


The Praxis Security Labs team will be attending Infosecurity Europe 2024 in London,  4th-6th June.


Our CEO Kai Roer will be presenting a keynote talk at CyberWest summit 2024.

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"Navigating through Microsoft Defender can be a time-consuming and tedious task. With Praxis Navigator, exploring security features becomes effortless and enjoyable!"

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Espen Otterstad

Senior Information Security Officer, Abax AS