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Security with people in mind

Human centric security

Praxis Security Labs is a multidisciplinary team that offers expert advice, roadmaps and interventions for human factor security issues. We work with security professionals and their organisations to ensure that their security solutions are working seamlessly with the human aspects.

AI, Machinelearning and automations only takes you so far. Use Praxis to make sense of it all
The Praxis of successful integration

Business and Security

Security is essential to a successful business, but security should not hinder your business success. Proper integration of your technical security solutions, policies, and assessment of how your people are interacting with these are key to a secure, sustainable organizational culture.

People, Process and Technology

Your technology, policies and employees do not exist in a vacuum. Securing technology and people are vital, but treating them as independent entities runs the risk of missing gaps in security through their interactions. The way employees experience your security solutions, whether policies are supporting your people and technology, and the proper alignment of resources with your security goals are all essential considerations. At Praxis Security Labs, we leverage your existing data to help you get a global picture of security at your organization.


Security is there to make sure there is business tomorrow

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