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Praxis Security Labs

About Us

Praxis Security Labs is a human risk management company that supports organizations in building cyber resilience by providing a unified human cybersecurity data platform. Through Praxis Navigator we empower our customers to leverage their existing data to achieve easy to understand, contextualised and relevant insights into their human risk, while also providing expert data-driven intervention and communication plans. 
Led by industry veteran, author and serial entrepreneur Kai Roer, Praxis Security Labs provides customers with the best praxis derived from the latest research.
Headshot photo of Kai Roer, taken in 2023.

Kai Roer


A leading global authority on the topic of security culture, author, speaker and serial entrepreneur.

Headshot photo of Thea Mannix, PhD, taken in 2023

Thea Mannix

Director of Research

Neuroscientist and accomplished researcher on human behavior and security culture.

Headshot photo of Jacopo Paglia, PhD, taken in 2023

Jacopo Paglia

Director of Analytics

PhD in statistics, with experience in data science and machine learning from multiple industries.

Our multidisciplinary team has a proven track record in the industry and in academia. As a team we are driven by the need for simplification of human data in cybersecurity and sharing what actually works.
We focus on facts, not fiction, in order to help customers achieve their security goals through science.

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