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Culture and behavior change

Human Risk Management

Now you can identify, analyze and navigate behaviors within your organization. 

  • Transform existing data into human factor insights

  • View human behaviors in one place

  • Uncover the underlying reasons for behaviors

  • Get actionable recommendations based on research

  • Navigate behavioral and cultural change with guidance


Manage human factors 

Improve your security operations and better manage human risk with Praxis Navigator.

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Humans are complex, and their behaviors are influenced by factors such as motivation, emotion, culture, influence, power structures, and how easy (or not) it is to do a certain task. This degree of complexity means that if we want to help employees to do the right things, we need to understand the human factors. 


Praxis Navigator transforms your existing data into meaningful information and offers easy-to-understand insights into the human factors of your organization. Innovative visualizations reveal risky employee behaviors, their underlying causes, and how to intervene. With recommendations grounded in research, Praxis Navigator will guide you what to do next.

Proven process

Reduce friction and improve security 

The Praxis Process is a seven-step process to build a resilient organization culture that focuses on reducing employee friction by leveraging the People, Process, Technology framework. 

Used to facilitate successful change management and improve culture, the Praxis Process leads to better overall security performance.

  • Improved culture within organization
  • Increased cooperation and understanding between departments
  • Reduced friction for employees
  • Higher productivity
  • Better security behaviors and lower risk

We provide organizations like yours with the tools they need to effect change.

Powerful Analytics

Our analytics engine is fueled by the latest academic research, world-class expertise and additional insights derived from your connected data sources. 

Praxis Terrain Model

Innovative and useful visualizations offer a quick and efficient way to discover and understand human behaviors, while also demonstrating the potential underlying causes.

Actionable insights

From high-level overviews to detailed insights, Praxis provides you with the clarity you need to identify causes of employee friction and problematic behaviors.


Praxis provides you with actionable recommendations across the People, Process, and Technology framework to make choosing the right actions simpler, regardless of your budget.

Praxis Integrations

Leverage your existing Microsoft 365 environment and data with Microsoft Graph API and Microsoft E5 integration with MS Phishing Simulator. Praxis allows you to make the most of your existing platforms.

Praxis Expertise

Created by world-renowned experts in cybersecurity and human behaviors, Praxis Navigator utilizes the latest in academic research and industry best practices.

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