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Attend or request the talk: The Psychology of Security

There is an urgent need to understand the human element of cyber security. While the concept of securing people is a fairly recent development in the field, there is no need for us to start from scratch - there exists decades of psychological research that can help us combat social engineering. How can you leverage this information?

The Praxis Security Labs Director of Research, neuroscientist Thea Mannix is speaking at the most prominent cybersecurity event in Norway, Sikkerhetsfestivalen next week. 

In her talk, she will discuss how we can take psychology and turn it into a powerful tool to help secure employees and organisations. She will offer knowledge that will help you understanding why people behave in unsecure ways and how to use psychology to maximise the effectiveness of your security training program.

Thea will explore the role of psychology in security culture and explain how the industry is inadvertently slowing our progress by fighting - rather than capitalising on - our biology. By attending her talk, you will be able to:

  • Better understand the limitations of looking at social engineering through a technological lens
  • Improve the effectiveness of how you implement training in your organisation
  • Gain insight into the human element from a human perspective

Thea will be talking at 1130 CET in the Kongressal 2, at the Scandic Victoria Hotell in Lillehammer, August 30th 2023. 

Will we see you there? 

If you are not able to attend, you can request a company presentation by Thea Mannix, or the other Praxis Security Labs subject matter experts, by reaching out with our contact request page

Tips: Request a Praxis Security Labs expert to talk at your next event.