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Intercepting human behavior

AdobeStock_317914687Within the security industry, there is growing recognition that a shift of focus towards Human Risk Management is needed. By intercepting human behavior (in other words, by getting between the employee and the action they are trying to take), academics and practitioners alike are seeing an effective approach to behavior change that has long-lasting, positive impact to risk reduction.

The transition from traditional Security Awareness Training (SAT) to Human Risk Management (HRM) is a pivotal industry shift for cybersecurity. Both approaches require the ability to accurately identify problematic behavior and assess the risks associated with them, in order to devise strategies to mitigate those risks. The difference is that HRM requires a broad understanding of behavior-influencing factors.

Praxis Security Labs was established to provide organizations globally with the ability to feed their security operations with data-driven analytics, provide meaningful visualizations of their human factors, and offer expert advice with research-based recommended actions. Join us in our mission to shine a human lens on our industry and give organizations the tools they need to effect change.  

Throughout the beta program, our customer success managers will be available to provide guidance or technical support as needed. Additional assistance and advice from our unique team of experts can also be arranged. Please speak to Sales who would be happy to discuss your needs further.