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Introducing Praxis (Welcome to our first blog post!)

Welcome to the Praxis Security Labs blog. We will use this space to share interesting information, research and practice of cybersecurity that we believe will help you to balance People, Process and Technology. 

Praxis Security Labs is a multidisciplinary team that offers expert advice, roadmaps & interventions for human factor security issues. Our team is led by industry veteran, author, speaker and serial entrepreneur Kai Roer. Director of Product is Aimee Laycock, with a long tenure as a subject matter expert in security culture and behaviors. 

Praxis partner with security professionals and their organisations to ensure that their security solutions are working seamlessly with the human aspects. Our core deliverables are created around the triangle of People, Process and Technology, where we seek to create the right balance between the three. For example, if you are to change a behavior on your employees, we will help you

  • to set up or tune the technology in place to ensure it is easy for the employee to do what you need them to,
  • we will work with your policies and procedures to ensure they make sense for the employees,
  • where necessary we will help you select relevant education for your employees to learn what they need in order to be effectively creating results

Watch this space for updates and stories on how you can build your best practices with Praxis security labs!