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New software to solve cybersecurity's human risk challenge

Press Release: 30 Oct 2023

Oslo, Norway: Praxis Security Labs is developing new software to address the biggest challenge in cybersecurity. “The solution fills a critical gap within the IT-security landscape,” says Kai Roer.

In a time marked by increasing threats and challenges to cybersecurity, Praxis Security Labs is launching software that addresses and manages human factors that contribute to security breaches. Praxis Navigator utilizes data collected from existing infrastructure to monitor, analyze and provide recommendations based on human behavior  within your organization. 

According to a report by the World Economic Forum, as many as 95 percent of cybersecurity incidents can be directly linked to human factors. The Praxis Navigator is a powerful tool to address this issue. 

“Cybercriminals are increasingly exploiting human behavior, and traditional technical approaches alone are no longer sufficient. Praxis Navigator presents a groundbreaking solution that gives organizations the ability to understand, monitor, and manage human behavior in a digital world,” says co-founder and CEO of Praxis Security Labs, Kai Roer.

The software combines several powerful components: an analytics core, a data visualization suite, and a recommendation engine. Together, these provide the organization with a critical tool to identify, analyze and interpret employee security behavior through insightful visuals, science based recommendations, and in-depth investigation of the organizational landscape and historical data.

Useful for many roles

“Indications of how people react and handle digital threats are already found in event logs, incident logs, and security monitoring systems. With our new software, this data is turned into insights that lead to concrete recommendations based on research,” says Kai Roer. 

Praxis Navigator targets many roles and decision-makers in an organization. For the organization's security team, Praxis Navigator is a critical resource for understanding and managing human behavior. The product provides insights and recommendations that help them protect the organization.

Management and their board of directors can rely on Praxis Navigator to gain insight in the organization's culture and employees perception and attitude towards cybersecurity, which in turn gives them the opportunity to implement impactful changes and improvements.

The HR department can benefit from Praxis Navigator by targeting and tailoring training programs that actually change employee behavior, instead of offering everyone the same generalized training that rarely produces good results.

“The Praxis Navigator provides a new perspective on human behavior data, which helps organizations understand what is happening with employees from a security perspective. Our ambition is that the tool will make it easier for IT security, HR, and management to talk about the issue,” says Kai Roer.

Provides overview, insight, and recommendations

Overview of Praxis Navigator: 

Praxis Terrain Model: To quickly identify employee safety behavior, the Praxis Terrain Model provides detailed visual information. The model makes it easy to detect and analyze both good and problematic behavior, as well as uncovering the likely cause of the behavior. The solution groups data to help the security team quickly identify and understand behavioral patterns, and provides insights that enable effective corrective action.

Praxis Recommendations: Even with relevant data and interpretations, it can be difficult to identify the right action. Praxis Recommendation Engine uses academic research and industry expertise to provide concrete recommendations that address specific human behavior.

Historical data: Praxis Navigator facilitates historical storage of data on human behavior so that organizations can detect trends and report progress over time. 

“Available data is presented in a visually appealing and understandable way, so that targeted actions can be communicated and implemented to make the organization more resilient to attacks that use employees as unwitting door openers”, says Kai Roer.

For more information, contact CEO Kai Roer (, +4798646988) or read more on our website.


About Praxis Security Labs:

Praxis Security Labs is a leading player in the cybersecurity industry, working continuously to develop innovative solutions to protect organizations against threats in the digital world. Praxis Security Labs is a research driven cybersecurity company that helps our customers to reduce risk and improve security. 

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, our projects take place around the world. Our multidisciplinary team has a proven track record in the industry and in academia. Led by industry veteran, author and serial entrepreneur Kai Roer, Praxis Security Labs provides customers with the best praxis derived from the latest research methodologies. As a team we are driven by the urge to share what actually works, as opposed to what is believed to be working.