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Transform how you manage human risks

Throughout your organization and existing technology stack, there exists timely, relevant data on the security behaviors of all employees in your organization. If you manage your organization’s security in a Microsoft cloud environment, you likely use Microsoft Defender and the Azure Marketplace. Perhaps you also utilize Microsoft Attack Simulator and leverage Microsoft Sentinel. If so, this is great news. 

Modern IT-infrastructure yields lots of security data; there is no lack of data. What can be difficult, but not impossible, is to identify relevant information on human security behaviors. Human behavior can be found in event logs, incident logs, security monitoring systems, and numerous other systems in place throughout the organization. Yet, in and among the petabytes of data being collected, human related events/incidents are often hidden or misinterpreted.

Customers tell us this is because such systems often fail to provide visibility of meaningful information when it comes to the data indicative of human behaviors pertaining to cybersecurity. User behavior data is frequently presented in a way that makes it very difficult to interpret and understand, and is simply often ignored. Our customers seek help to improve their security operations by “applying a human lens” to their data and to point out the relevant information.

With a different perspective on their existing data, our scientists are able to observe patterns of behaviors and interpret the influencing factors to identify likely underlying causes. Customers then receive research-driven recommendations from our experts on what to do next. A team with the required combination of expertise and wealth of experience is hard to find, costly to source, and even more difficult to scale in order to meet the needs of hundreds and thousands of organizations with similar demands. This is why Praxis Security Labs is delighted to announce today that it is developing new software to address this challenge. NavigatorArtboard_Human Factors Analytics_4x

We have built a powerful analytics engine that combines our team’s world-class expertise and the latest academic research with insights derived from connected data sources. The Praxis Navigator can provide you with a fresh perspective of your existing data, identify human behaviors, interpret their underlying causes within your organization, and offer advice.

NavigatorArtboard_HumanBehaviorNavigation_4xPraxis Navigator offers innovative and useful visualizations for a quick and efficient way to discover human behaviors in your existing systems. With visibly useful and meaningful insights into the human factors affecting your security posture, you can better understand the effectiveness of your implemented strategies. Note to security analysts: ask about our terrain model.

Praxis Navigator simplifies things by providing relevant and actionable recommendations for what to do next. NavigatorArtboard_Recommendations_4xBecause even when you have access to relevant information and the correct interpretations, choosing the right next actions can be challenging. Fueled by insights derived from your organization's data and based on research, Praxis Recommendations are tailored, relevant and effective.

Now security teams can correctly identify and interpret the traces of security behaviors in their existing log files and get expert advice on what to do next. Praxis Navigator will transform the way security teams manage human risk.

If you would like to learn more about our beta program for Praxis Navigator, please sign up here: