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Praxis Security Labs innovates through multidisciplinary teamwork. Our team of experts provide unmatched collaborative skills and decades of knowledge to better build resilience in cybersecurity.
Headshot of Kai Roer

Kai Roer


The work of industry veteran, author and serial entrepreneur Kai Roer has, for decades, focused on helping organizations understand what culture they currently have, what culture they would like to have, and how to get there. He works with the information security community on a global stage to educate the importance and impact that security culture has.

In 2010, he created and gave to the open source community the Security Culture Framework (SCF), a framework and methodology to build and maintain security culture. This evolved into several spin-offs, including the Cybersecurity Culture Framework by The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) in 2015. His popular book “Build a Security Culture” (IT-Governance, 2015) is widely considered as the guiding resource on the topic of security culture.

Headshot photo of Jacopo Paglia, PhD, taken in 2023

Jacopo Paglia, PhD

Director of Analytics

With a doctorate in statistics, Jacopo understands how to interpret the vast troves of data relating to human behavior. He is responsible for engineering solutions that automate that analysis and interpretation, ensuring customers benefit to the maximum from those data.


Thea Mannix, PhD

Director of Research

With an extensive education and experience in psychology and neuroscience, Thea brings a broad understanding of the human brain, behaviors and associated research. Thea is a key link between our solutions and academia, ensuring our work and solutions are driven by the most up-to-date credible academic research.

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