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Your route to the best possible security culture

Social engineering introduces a new world of security challenges. Effective human risk management is key to developing a culture of security and resilience at your organization. 

Enter Praxis Navigator.
  • Ease the burden on employees by pinpointing technology processes that hinder secure behavior. Praxis Navigator guides you in uncovering why your team may be steering clear of your technology security solutions.
  • As more data becomes available for analysis, Praxis Navigator provides growing value: enabling you to continuously assess and improve, staying one step ahead of malicious threats.
  • Praxis Navigator utilizes behavior-related data extracted through API from your current data sources, including MS Defender, Office365, incident reports, phishing, and more. This ensures that Praxis Navigator effectively addresses any data isolation challenges and provides rapid results.

Praxis Navigator stands out by enhancing security practices seamlessly through technology, policies, and education.

Use Praxis Navigator to:

  • measure, develop and constantly improve security culture across your entire organization
  • mitigate against ever-more-complex cyber risks and attacks, which increasingly target humans as the weakest link in your cyber security strategy
  • communicate the business impact of risk, security and resilience to the business side of your organization

Praxis Navigator in a nutshell

Praxis Navigator is a Human Risk Management solution which:

  • analyzes your organization’s unique human behavioral data
  • identifies connections, behaviors and potential security risks specific to your organization
  • interprets your unique risks to automatically generate action plans to mitigate against the security risks it identifies
Used continuously, Praxis Navigator enables you to implement a cycle of ongoing monitoring and improvement, ultimately ingraining and reinforcing the best possible security culture across your organization.

Why Praxis Navigator is the best solution for you

Praxis Navigator:
  • uses data you already have and own
  • overcomes ‘siloed data’ issues thanks to our API connectors
  • delivers astonishingly quick results – in, potentially, hours, rather than days or weeks
  • is self-administered; you are not dependent on expensive human consultants
  • adheres to the principles of the People, Process, Technology strategic model
  • brings context that is relevant for you and your organization
  • is continuously updated, its analytics and recommendations engines optimized to always reflect the latest academic research and expertise

Praxis Navigator is offered as a SaaS solution, guaranteeing seamless integration with your current workflows and eliminating any extra burden on your IT team.

  • Connects to your environment via API to identify and gather relevant human behavior data across your systems, including your MS Defender, Office 365, incident report, phishing, spam and other data silos
  • Cleans, sorts and analyzes your data, identifying potential security risks in real time, such as specific connections and behaviors
  • Creates visualizations highlighting these potential security risks and identifying plausible underlying reasons
  • Interprets your unique risks and, based on cutting-edge research and best practices, automatically generates ‘recommended action’ plans to mitigate against identified risks
  • Recommended actions are developed by Praxis’s own leading experts in human behavior and cybersecurity.
  • Our algorithms are driven by evidence of what actually works for your organization based on your industry, size and goals.
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